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     In every parent's life, there are moments of such pride that you have in your children. Most of the time you feel like you're walking around banging your head off of walls, and then you turn around and your child does or says something that makes you say, "Wow.... that's my kid!" Cameron's day in court was one of those days. His decision to come to my grandmother's funeral instead of his best friend's birthday party was another..... and then he pees his bed and tries to blame it on his sister. In a haze, I find myself rushing to the phone to call Children's Hospital, because only someone in need of a cat-scan would pull such an idiotic stunt.
     Taylor... my dear, sweet, child. She is so full of hugs and kisses, "I love yous" and compliments, even right after getting in trouble. I say to myself, this child is such an example of God's love. And then she gets into my make-up, whitening mouth wash, and expensive face lotion 5 times in one week with no fear of consequence or wrath (and trust me.... there was wrath) and I instinctively enter Children's Hospital's phone number into my speed dial because, low and behold, we need to order the "Family Cat-Scan" package!
     I admit, I often sound fickle in my love for my children. Don't be fooled, I truly love them to pieces (and someday the detectives may find their pieces buried somewhere in our lower field).... but the amount of CRAZY I feel on a daily basis because of these little people is utterly astonishing! I'm proud when they finally flush the toilet... five minutes later I'm screaming at Cameron to stop trying to create a pulley system with the dog leashes to "assist" his sister in the fine art of tree climbing. I'm moved to tears when they tell me I'm the best mom they've ever had.... later that night I find myself weeping over the smeared poop on my sock that was "cleaned up" in the bathroom following an "unexpected" emergency. One night I can't wait to tuck them in, say their prayers, and give them their cuddle times... the following night I can be heard throughout our neighborhood threatening the lives of the next child that calls my name from their bedrooms as I try to finish the dishes.
     Isaac hasn't become an idiot yet.... so he just rolls around like a ball from one side of the room to the other, yelling at the dogs with furrowed brows trying to get their attention, and attempting to figure out if his mouth likes his fingers or his toes better. I'm sure that there will be a day when he turns against me and my sanity, deciding to create an emotional disaster out of me... but until then, we're putting him in charge of the other two. I'll keep you posted on how the trip to Children's goes.