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     There's something utterly fantastic about a long weekend. And there's only one thing that makes a long weekend even more miraculous than it already is.... and that is spending most of that time holding a 3-month-old, chunky baby. This little fella of mine is seriously the sweetest and happiest baby in the world (well, since switching to soy formula, that is... I'm sure you can recall the posts of me pulling my hair out and slobbering over the computer keys before little man was determined to be lactose intolerant!). But now, Isaac is full of curious cooing, sweet smiles, and infectious laughter.
     Some of my favorite weekend moments with Bug have been finding that he LOVES the cooking channel. This is not going to bode well for his weight problem later in life, but it sure is cute to watch his entranced gaze as he hungrily sucks on his entire fist, probably wishing it was one of the gourmet burgers being made on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Interestingly enough, he also seems to enjoy The Biggest Loser, leading me to think that he may be an athlete... you know, high caloric intake but willing to work it off in the gym. (Either that or he simply is drawn to the constant movement of the contestants on the screen, sounds of puking and panting, brightly colored shirts, and the frequent (LOUD) tongue-lashings of Jillian Michaels).
     My guy also appears to greatly enjoy my new tablet. (Cam and Tay can't figure out why the baby is allowed to play with my Christmas gift and they aren't.... but then again, Taylor broke her own mini tablet within 5 days of having it, and Cameron lost his for 2 days, so.... yeah.) He was so excited looking at the pictures and watching the screen move to and fro that he would yell out and shake his lumpy arms back and forth. And it was only when I was ready to throw the tablet across the room for repeatedly malfunctioning that I realized my baby had his chubby little fingers on the bottom of the screen, finger-blocking my own swipes. Apparently you're never too young to learn technology!
     And even now, he's sitting in my lap, sleepily watching the letters appear on the computer screen, listening to my click-click-clicking of keys.... And even though I know he needs yet another diaper change, and that he'll be screaming for a bottle in about 20 minutes, I honestly don't think I could be happier. My sweet little bundle of squishiness is all I need in this moment. The rest of the house is quiet, the puppy next to me is sleeping, and I have a baby that adores his Mommy. It's been a fantastic long weekend.