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     I was blessed to have this past week off of work. I, along with my husband, used this time to adjust to having a newborn in our home: figuring out a feeding schedule, attempting to figure our a sleeping schedule, rearranging the house to be more baby friendly, showing Isaac off to everyone we encountered, trying to get a level of sleep that would prevent us from becoming predators from The Walking Dead, practicing outings with Isaac (such as grocery shopping, his first doctor appointment, and participating in church functions), and learning to attend to the needs of the new baby while not neglecting Cameron and Taylor.
     Since we failed at 90% of these adjustments, I've decided to put word out on the black market, advertising some not-so-vital organs in order to make enough money that I can be a stay-at-home mommy.... someone is bound to be looking for a 30-year-old appendix in fairly good condition. I'll even through in a kidney for a reasonable fee (only slightly used, never had a stone...). But, until my new (and extremely illegal) job starts booming, I will be returning to my vocation as a therapist starting tomorrow. I tried not to think about it while I was snuggling with my new little "Bug" (as he's been affectionately dubbed in our home)... I tried not to think about it during the precious few hours I actually got to sleep this week... I tried not to think about it while we were Christmas shopping for the children (exactly where do I find the phone number to the black market?...) and I tried not to think about it while I wasTrick-orTtreating with my kiddos (Side Note: Cowboy Cam and "Strawberry The Cupcake" Tay, accompanied by Tigger Isaac, were cute as pie!... PS, this was Taylor's first Trick-or-Treat and it took her until the last few houses to realize that she is supposed to say "Trick or Treat" before getting the candy, and then "Happy Halloween" after receiving the candy. Poor kid was lost as a blind man in a maze, but she had fun... until the coldness and sleepiness set in... and then she was just insufferable! We came up to a Michael Meyers character that stood silently with his mask, holding a large knife made of tin foil. Cam giggled and tried to lasso him with his cowboy rope. Taylor smiled big and waved happily at him, only to burst into tears moments later, asking "Why won't that boy say 'Hi' to me??"... this is when the tiredness REALLY became apparent! End Side Note.)'
     But alas, the moment is upon me. In 12 hours, I will begin my career as a sleep-deprived Mommy/Mental Health Professional. So, in preparation for this moment, I devised a plan.... and it's name is Caffeine. I've decided to go with my usual bucket of coffee in the morning, but perhaps add another scoop of grounds, just for good measure. Then, around 10 am, I will have a snack of chocolate covered Espresso beans. For lunch, I will need a bit of protein, washed down with a Big Gulp sized diet Coke. Then, around 3 pm, I will teach myself how to install an IV so that I can hook up my Caffeine drip (I was thinking, and I'm pretty sure I can hang the bag from that handle in the backseat that's supposed to be used for hanging clothes... but who in the world ever uses it for that anyways, right?). Then for dinner, I will have an energy bar with a pot of tea, followed by cappuccino ice cream for dessert. And just in case I get a bout of the weepies while I'm working(which I've been prone to experience daily this week.... ok, fine... hourly), I will pack a lunch box filled with Kleenex, midol, chocolate (courtesy of my kids' Halloween candy), and a running slide show playing on my phone with pictures of my kiddos, baby Isaac, and a complete playlist of  pick-me-up favorites such as I Will Survive.
     Eventually, I will get used to the idea of leaving behind my sweet bundle of cuteness... or at least that's what I keep telling myself. But I am comforted with the blessing of having a husband that will take approximately 4 million photos per day and text me with each milestone that I miss. I love you, honey :)

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