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     Today marks a momentous occasion. This was the first day in 6 months that I have been alone in my own home. ALONE. Absurd, you say. There's no way you haven't been alone in your own home for half of a year. Now, of course there were the occasional 30-45 minute gaps that presented themselves, usually right after work while I'm unloading my car, relieving myself after holding it for the past 8 hours, and frantically trying to get dinner together, all the while responding to phone calls and texts. Sounds relaxing, right? Just what the doctor ordered, to be sure! But today was different. I had the entire day off, the kids were at school, my husband swore he'd go to the office and not return home till at least 2pm (good man, I tell ya, good man), and I didn't get a single phone call. Productivity was the goal and serenity was the result. It's amazing how being busy for the right reasons can give you such a feeling of peace and calm. (Now THAT'S what the doctor ordered!)
     First, my husband and I went to a meeting with Cameron's teacher at the school (nothing like having to get up at 6:30 on your day off!) and then I cleaned the entire house from top to bottom (which I haven't done in months... and I put more elbow grease into that bathtub than a magic lamp... I don't even remember the last time it was scrubbed.... I know. I'm a sick, sick human being). I also vacuumed out my car, organized the kids' rooms (complete with re-folding all clothes), picked and typed up worship songs for church on Sunday, did laundry, remade beds with fresh sheets, cooked a kick-butt dinner, and attended to my dogs' flea, tick, and heart worm needs. We then met with our caseworker, followed by our adoption specialist. (AND I'm battling what I'm pretty sure is bronchitis... and STILL rocked it out!) After accomplishing more today than I have in months, I can honestly say this was one of the best days of my adult life. (Emotionally, my wedding day trumps this.... but only emotionally....)
     Perhaps the greatest thing about today was that I didn't feel stupid. Not even once. All I felt was serene. There were no ding-bat moments, forgetful times, or feeling out-of-control with my day. I made my own schedule, completed my schedule with time to spare, and actually felt happy when the kids arrived home from school because my life was in order. I forgot what it was like to feel normal and It. Was. Beautiful!!! That frazzled, half-crazed woman that's been inhabiting my body for the last month finally feels healthy, happy, and relaxed. What a concept! So, my biggest prayer in life right now is that God helps me find a way to feel "normal" on a more consistent basis. (Sure, there are always those days of feeling like a total nut case... but I'd like that to NOT be my baseline!)
     In honor of my peace-filled day, I feel compelled to end this post with the serenity prayer. "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change (cleaning my bathtub- yikes!, the need for a paycheck, parental responsibilities- including all 3 hours of homework given to my kid EVERY NIGHT, church commitments.... and should the need for sleep come into this category??); courage to change the things I can (Ooooo, what to change, Lord, what to change!); and wisdom to know the difference." Amen. 

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