My husband and I had been spatting on and off for 4 or 5 days... not the type of battles that lead to all-out wars, but the silent ones that are fueled by food on the floor and shoes left in front of the door. Our usual playful banter was replaced with a thick tension that boiled over like lava from a volcano when provoked, burning one another with unfriendly looks and frustrated remarks. It was this week that I feared our situation was starting to feel more like roommates than husband and wife. From our separate beds (Insomniac vs. Snorer) and hobbies (Ms. Indoors vs. Mr. Outdoors), to our ever-changing work schedules and lack of effort to communicate in ways other than text or email was all building, enhanced by the heat of the week and lack of appropriate cuddle time required by those married for under 1 year. Even our silly nicknames and usual insulting comments were put on the shelf for the time being.
    Finally, I spoke up and told my husband that I'm irritated with him, but I don't like the way I feel. I want to be more than his roommate, merely splitting the bills and dividing up the labor. I NEEDED quality time with my man! So what did my husband do in the last two days? He sweetly offered to watch a movie with me, lie in MY bed (aka the only air-conditioned room we have) and watch a reality t.v. show (this was a big deal for him), and he gave me a much-needed game night (6 rounds of cards and 4 Yahtzee games.... and he would've kept going had I not assured him that really was more than enough games for one evening). Now, I must mention that he's added his witty digs every chance he gets, referring to me as his NON-roommate, mocking my feelings on the issue entirely.... but hey, I know he heard me. And tonight I knew that we were back to normal when he began our usual comedy routine during dinner, which consists of him berating me in public, me berating him back, and the lovely waitress at the Chinese restaurant assuring my husband that no, there are not any ancient Chinese remedies to treat an annoying wife. Mmmm.... It feels like home again.