Everyone has weeks in their lives where they literally feel that things could not possibly get worse than they are at that exact moment. And what usually happens? That's right. Things get worse. Sometimes they get MUCH worse. This has been the case with my week. Financially, emotionally, personally, and physically it's just all been a bust. At night I'm constantly waking or, worse yet, having nightmares about events that are causing me so much stress.... and to top things off, my stomach is refusing to cooperate with this anxiety I'm experiencing (if you know what I mean!). Yet, as I've realized over this past year, nothing pulls a couple together like an emotional crisis. So, despite the minor rift between my husband and I over the last few weeks, he has been 100% supportive of me in my time of need (which has not gone unnoticed and will not go unreturned). My guy has always had a way of making me feel refreshingly light-hearted when the world attacks me, which happened this very week.
    Unfortunatley, there was a falling out at my work where I was accused of being over-confident and under-confident at the same time. Additionally, I was told that one of my superiors simply finds my facial expressions frustrating.... yes, that's right. My company hates my face. So, while I was venting (freaking out) to my husband, trying to figure out how to come across as more confident and less confident at the same time, all the while making absolutely no facial expressions, he found yet another way to make me giggle and ignore the fact that everyone outside of our humble home is, with few exceptions, crazy. His simple solution was for me to get botox. This will obviously solve the problem of  my face, preventing me from moving my my muscles and offending those around me that are upset with everything above my neck.... and if that fails, he is willing to put aside money to invest in a semi-decent Darth Vader mask. By the end of the conversation, my heart felt lighter from laughter than it had in days. With the prayers of my family and friends, combined with the laughter my husband was able to provide me, I thing that I will finally sleep well tonight.