All women want their man to remember two dates: the woman's birthday and their anniversary. It's sad to say, but my husband would forget both without Facebook reminding him. Naturally, like the typical woman, I've been thinking about our first anniversary since, oh, the day after our wedding. What to get him for a gift (traditional 1st year paper present or something unexpected?), where to go for our special weekend (stay local and cozy or go away and try something new?), what will be meaningful, special, and thoroughly organized while still expressing a splash of spontaneity... you know, the usual. As the date has been drawing near, I've tested these ideas on my husband to see if his reaction warrants moving ahead and making reservations. However, he seems FAR less interested in this planning process than I would have expected, even for a guy. I've received noncommittal shrugs, "Ummms", and, my personal favorite, "Wait, we're getting each other gifts?"
    Well, three days before the celebration of one-year-since-we-made-the-biggest-committment-of-our-lives and he has yet to get me a gift can only mean one thing.... that I'm getting something wrapped in a garbage bag and purchased from the Dollar Tree, with a box of cheap chocolates, and perhaps a box of wine (if he's really splurging). Just the thought makes every romantic bone in my body ache arthritically. Now, I don't want to give the impression that I'm a high-maintenance princess that requires diamonds, a trip to Belize, and sky-writing proclaiming his love for me! Really, it doesn't have to be elaborate at all! In fact, it could be as simple as a well-planned gesture, homemade meal or gift, or even a letter telling me how much I mean to him (sprayed ever-so-lightly with cologne and rose petals in the envelope....). I mean, all I really want is something that requires a little thought, something that shows he listens to my needs and desires throughout the year, something that screams excitment, romance, and creativity all rolled into one. Is that really asking too much?