I don't know if it was PMS, this insufferable heat, or just plain being cranky, but last night, no matter what he did, my husband drove me crazy! First off, he LIKES to get under my skin, so much of his antics were intentional I'm sure. After being in 95 degree heat the entire day, I found a modicum of solace in our one air-conditioned room (where it was probably only 10 degrees cooler at best)....that is until my husband and dogs entered the room and proceded to lay all over me, covering my body like a furry blanket. My guy ALSO found it hysterical that I nearly took his head off each time he asked to "cuddle".... as if! It's 95 flippin' degrees and he wants me to let a large, sweaty man smother me? I continued to tell him exactly what I thought of his idea, until the urge hit me that I seriously HAD to have pizza.... AND chocolate.... immediately! So I quickly ended my nastiness and turned on my whiney sweetness, slathering on my request for pizza like a thick coat of syrup. (Oh come on, he wanted it, too.) We argued about who would go downstairs (to what was beginning to feel like the center of Hell itself) to get the checkbook. In the end, I won.... I had to agree to a morning smothering, but at least I got pizza and a mini chocolate lava crunch cake.