My husband is a terrible, no good, rotten, human being. Techinically, I could end the entry there and call it a day. However, I feel that the women of the world have a right to know what kind of miscreant walks among them. I was just sitting down to watch television after a long day at work AND after cooking two meals (one for today and one for tomorrow.... turkey burgers with blue cheese and crab meat quiche, just in case anyone is interested) when my husband calls me on the phone from the backyard. Of course, this is his usual ritual. If he knows that I am home, he calls every 20 minutes and says (I quote), "Whatcha doin?" Generally, I respond that it's the same thing I was doing the last time he called, but it's without fail that he will call as soon as it's most inconvenient or undesirable (I'm tempted to block his, I'm not joking).
    So, putting my annoyance aside that he called (again) for no particular reason, he proceded to insult me (UNPROVOKED), sending this nearly-30 woman into a tizzy. My husband (the man I chose....chose....for better or for worse) told me that he has a picture of me that comes up when I call his phone. The picture is from a few years hair was long, I was about 20 pounds lighter, and I looked my mid-20s age instead of teetering into the next decade of life. This man that I "love" had the nerve to say, "I like to remember what you looked like when you were pretty." (!!!!)
    After I fed his supper to the dogs, I decided to inform the world that my husband is indeed a terrible, no good, rotten human being.