No, I'm not talking about the difference between our IQs, but I AM talking about mine and my husband's difference in opinion between phones. Having lost a gazillion calls on my cell today, I decided to give my wireless provider a ring to see what the trouble may be. Sure enough, a tower is out.... AND a new phone upgrade is available to me this month! These words cause the average electronics spaz to quiver with excitement, salivating all over the shiny new toys that could be theirs with a simple click of a button. But to me, it's yet another horrendously difficult decision I have to make regarding something I understand NOTHING about.
    My husband is a smart phoner. I, on the other hand, have chosen to bury my head in the sand and pretend that the world ISN'T being taken over by these obsessive little computer devices. So I spent an hour plugging in the different phones that looked pretty to me (yes, because this is how I choose my cell phone), comparing and contrasting the various capabilities of the darn contraptions.... touchscreen... touchscreen slider... 3G, 4G, mobile hotspot, skype mobile, GLOBAL TETHERING!!!! Oh my gosh, does the phone even make phone calls????? 'Cause that's not mentioned anywhere! The only exciting thing I saw was a candybar feature.... not sure what it is, but if someone throws in a Snickers, I'd buy any phone it's added to at this point just to get the decision over with!
    As I sit here with my stupid phone lying next to me on the desk, my husband's comments of coming into the 21st century ringing in my ear, and my frustration with paying for features I don't even understand building within me... I think I need some more advice. So if you have any input, please feel free to settle this silly debate in our house between Smart vs. Stupid phones. (All comments or emails are encouraged.... however, you will be promptly deleted from my social networking world if you use any sort of complex computer language that makes you sound intelligent and me sound as stupid as my Stupid phone.)