My husband and I just returned from four action-packed days in Michigan. I spent the better part of our stay playing M.O.H. (maid of honor, for those slow on the abbreviations) for my friend's wedding and then attended my brother's bridal shower (well, his fiance's shower.... even though I'm pretty sure he was just as excited by some of the gifts as she was!). During these four days, I highly anticipated a fight of some sort. Afterall, we do enjoy our alone time and there was none of that to be had for either of us (and one of us can handle that better than the other... you know who you are). But instead of a fight, I had the wonderful priveledge of observing my husband play Daddy Day Care to one of the bridesmaid's children all weekend long.
    Baby Luna loved her Uncle Pat. (And Uncle Pat, it has to be said, loved baby Luna.) During the rehearsal, he was the king of the swingset, manning all the little rascals that were in attendance. At the wedding and reception, in between his runs as a parking attendant (in which he was hit on by an elderly lady... well, sort of, because she told him he was only "kind of handsome" and now my husband has a complex) he spent time bouncing the baby around the site to keep her happy and to give her mama a much-needed break. Even the next morning when we went to the post-wedding party, after several days of non-stop action and little sleep, he managed to find the energy to push the little ones back and forth in an oversized gift box that had been emptied of it's presents and discarded. The entire weekend, he was sweet, romantic, helpful to everyone he met, and he didn't even complain once. My husband is truly my Prince Charming; my Nanny in shining armor.