Despite the horrendous heatwave of the summer, tonight I braved the kitchen and cooked up a stupendous dinner that even Shari Lewis would be tempted by. Lamb chops marinated in greek herbs and oils and then grilled in its own juices, fresh oregano, and garlic until lightly charred on the outside. The lamb was accompanied by sauteed green beans and followed by a refreshing strawberry/banana/chocolate malt for dessert. I set out the grape leaves and hummus to make mini lamb rolls.... absolutely divine (if I do say so myself). However, my husband took that beautifully marinated meat, neglected the hummus and grape leaves, choosing instead to douse his lamb chop in A-1 sauce. All of the mediterranen flavors that took hours to infuse into that juicy little sheep flew right out the window when he poured that Texan sauce all over his meal. I mean, it's not like we spent the day herding the cattle onto the ranch, slaughtering us up a big ole' bull, and then grilling it over an open fire. There was hummus for crying out loud. He took my gorgeous lamb chop and turned it into a lamb flop! As he would tell it, "You eat it your way, I'll eat it mine." I should've just made him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, because the art of intricate flavors is completely lost on that caveman of mine.

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