Before I begin this post, it's important to understand that my husband is very intelligent. (Got it?) That being said, he's a complete moron. I'm standing at the sink this morning, washing dishes, and I see his protein shake bottle sitting on the counter. It looks a little cloudy, so I ask him if it's clean or dirty. He says, "It's kinda clean." Hmmm. So what he's REALLY trying to say is that he rinsed it out but didn't actually wash it. I chose to call him out on this. "You just rinsed it out didn't you." (My mind started to wander to all the times he's "done the dishes" for me and how many dishes have been put back into the cupboards that were "kinda clean".) Like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar, my husband smiled shyly and said, "Well, I was gonna use it again...." Ok, here's the thing, DEAR, we use ALL of our dishes again! That's why we don't throw them away after we've dirtied them. We WASH them (not kinda, but all the way) so that we don't have to buy new dishes every day. After I explained that to him, I added "You're gonna use it again.... that's the stupidest thing I've heard." His response? "Oh honey, give me a couple minutes and I bet I can come up with something stupider." And THAT'S my morning in a nutshell.