The most miraculous thing happened! My husband, seeing that I was struggling to catch up on the cleaning after our long weekend out of town, offered to help me clean. (That's awesome in and of itselt, but that's not even the most amazing part!) I thanked him for his offer but didn't take him up on it because I know he has to do "manly stuff" in the yard. But he brought it up AGAIN and then said (and I quote), "Why don't you make me a list of things to do around the house? I think I work better from a list."
    And it was at that moment that the sky opened up and a herd of pigs with wings began flying this way and that way; ice began forming on the surface of the sun, and I could have sworn that I saw the tiniest of hundred dollar bills beginning to bud on the tree outside of our front door! After my ears stopped ringing and I wiped the tears of joy from my eyes, I sat down to make up a list.... and ya know what? I couldn't think of a thing. Ha! It was as if I had writer's block.... husband-helpers anxiety.... something! After an hour I was able to come up with a scarce to-do list that will have to hold him over until I can think of more tasks that need to be done (or until my REAL husband returns), whichever comes first. All I can say is that my husband has made my week and I love this alternate reality that I'm currently finding myself in.