Yellow is my favorite color. It's happy, sunny, and no one can be sad while standing in a yellow room (seriously, it's just not allowed). But all week long I've noticed this film of yellow dust covering everything in the house. I found it in each room, layered on fabric, blinds, and every surface imaginable. After dusting failed miserably, leaving yellow smear in it's wake, I began washing each item instead.... only to find this nasty yellow substance back again the very next day! Finally, I asked my husband what in the world this powdery grime was. He informed me that it's some sort of pollen from the pine trees, which has been stirred up recently with the wind and tractors on our property. (This would explain the sneezing, at least.)
    So not only does my house look like we have mustard growing on it, but there are tiny yellow gnats coming in through the screen of my window at night, obviously attracted to the light (for all I know, they could be pollen-covered fleas). They land in my water (I literally had about 10 in my glass last night) and they end their miserable little lives on the nightstand in front of my alarm clock. It looks like a graveyard for all things small and yellow next to my bed. What's even worse is that these little buggers are biting my face while I sleep and going into my ears, causing me to wake up smacking myself and with buzzing inside my head (that's enough to get someone committed). Thankfully, my husband has seen the bite marks (and heard me whine sufficiently) and he has agreed to put the air conditioner in my room so that I can leave my windows closed and have at least one room that is yellow-free. Yellow is NOT my favorite color.