Cooking for my husband (as previously mentioned) can be tricky. I've learned to either ask ahead for specific instructions, or to make something and simply refuse to tell him what it is (or what's in it) until he tastes it first. This brings me to today's dilemma. I (like a normal person) have a love for barbeque spare ribs. My husband (like a dummy) "doesn't really care for them". That being said, I noticed while going through coupons this week that ribs were going to be one of the only proteins on sale at our local grocer. I mentioned this out loud, and to my shock, my husband said "Oh, I like ribs, that sounds good". Huh? Since when? So I responded, "Huh? Since when?" He explained that he doesn't feel like them all the time, but he does, in fact, like spare ribs. "But I thought you didn't like barbeque sauce..." He responded, "I like barbeque sauce!" (was that defiance I heard???) So I bought the meat and set it out for dinner.
    Eight hours in a crock pot later, the ribs (rubbed with chipotle seasoning, garlic, and pepper) smelled delicious and were literally falling apart. Still leerly of my husband's earlier bbq claim, I mixed up two separate sides of honey mustard and barbeque for dipping... just in case. He sits down and looks at the sauces skeptically. He points at the honey mustard and asks, "Is THAT the barbeque sauce?" Um, no, does it look like it? I'm already getting irritated, knowing where this is going. So I tried to head him off by taking a bite and saying, "Wow, isn't this good?" (A little reverse psychology never hurt anyone.) He takes a few bites and made some noncommittal comments. Finally, at the end of the meal, he says, "Ya know, I'm just not a big fan of ribs."