I've been riding a natural high of excitement for the last 36 hours! (Not my usual post-doctor's-appointment response...) I say forget dentists, PCPs, and gynies. The world needs more endocrinologists! I've only had two visits with the Hungarian miracle-worker and already I'm in love. For once, a doctor agreed to not give up on my body's craziness and actually TRY TO FIX it! Not only did this wonderful woman help locate a cyst growing on my thyroid, making it difficult to turn my head or swallow at times, but she is fixing my internal chickens (ovaries... figure it out)! After reviewing my chart, she decided to put me on a little miracle drug that will make my chicks lay eggs AND help prevent miscarriages. It will reduce the production of cysts and may even help reduce unwanted body hair (and since I'm now lovingly referred to as Chewbacca, this is a huge payoff). It's side effect? WEIGHT LOSS!!! I bet if I take this medicine long enough, I'll be able to burb blank checks and hive my way to a cure for cancer! I can't think of a better medicine in the world. So me, my hubby, and my internal chickens are gonna go celebrate (for the next 24-48 hours).

PS... Please Do Not Disturb