Last night, my hubby and I spent some quality time together. Naturally, that meant that we bickered for about 3 hours. But that's ok because it's our way of showing that we love each other to death (meaning that one of us will end up biting it before the argument is up). So we nit-picked about being in the kitchen at the same time (it's a huge area, but we always end up in the same little corner of it, practically on top of one another's counter space), how long it takes us (him) to get ready for the movie, and the fact that the DVD player never works because (although we have a trillion available outlets) he always manages to unplug the player to plug something else into that exact spot (which means that when I look behind the TV and see 18 cords going in every direction, I just give up and walk away). Thankfully, he made an excellent choice with the movie selection, and I tried to make it through with only having him stop it a few times (even though sometimes I do it one extra time, just because I know it annoys him...). And afterwards, we kissed, said goodnight, and headed to our separate bedrooms. It really was a great night.