When I decided to go into social work all those years ago, I knew, even then, that it was going to be a difficult journey. There are days when I come home and all I want to do is scream at the top of my lungs in frustration, anger, or just pure helplessness. Other days, I want to cry or just stare blankly at a wall (I'm not even kidding). But no matter what the emotion, I always feel like I need to vent. Unfortunately, my loved ones seem to be on the receiving end of this. (I'd like to take a moment to thank my husband, family, and friends... I'm sure it's always a pleasure to hear about horrific child abuse and listen to me go off on tirades about "The System" (Curses! Don't GET me started!)). My man understands my need to unload my guts on him and gives me that daily allotment of time willingly (or so I thought).
    I arrived home around 8:30 this evening and, after cooking dinner, cleaning up the kitchen, and doing some paperwork in my office, my husband called upstairs and asked me if I'd like to talk about my day... he was all ears, just for me! So, feeling like I have the most considerate husband in the world, I came down and chatted about my most recent work frustrations (cutting the stories short... why make him suffer through the details when he was being so sweet?). As I was telling him how nice it was to have a husband that truly recognizes what his wife needs, he tells me, "Oh, well, it's ok. My mom told me I should spend more time with you." Sigh. Well, on the bright side, maybe our future children will get their obedient nature from their father.