In a way, I almost feel badly for my husband. You see, socially, my guy is not always a gold-star recipient. In fact, he would be happy living alone ontop of a mountain somewhere.... smelling like sweat, covered in dirt, and having a wolf as a pet. Since we've been together, however, he has made quite the effort at improving his social skills. He attends family functions, his ability to make conversation with people he's just met has increased, and he sometimes even smiles in public (gasp). Plus, in his defense, he has grown leaps and bounds in the "emotional female" department.
    For example, two years ago my dad had a heart attack. I was a wreck when I heard the news and didn't know what to do with myself. My guy panicked and gave me an awkward hug and then asked me to make him a sandwich (his reasoning was that it would be a distraction.... ladies, I wouldn't joke about this). Since being married, there have been moments when I've gotten rather blue, and his solution has been less food-related and more of an invitation for intimacy (I think just because food and sex cheer him up, he must feel that this works for everyone?). So, after spending hours with me at the funeral home over the weekend, making conversation and fidgeting very little (he was a good boy), he has run out of ideas for what to do with my morose affect. His goofiness brings a smile to my face, but when my smile fades, he tries something else. He keeps offering to play board games with me (now I KNOW he's desperate) and tonight, he even asked me to go fishing with him (had it not been so chilly and late, I may have even taken him up on it). Even though he can't figure out how to raise my spirits, I applaud and appreciate his efforts.... (even if he DID try to resort back to his old methods this evening)..... I'll still give him a gold star.