I'm constantly getting on my husband for being dirty and smelly. Granted, he works outside a lot and it's nearly impossible for him to look like a J.Crew model all the time (nearly?). And even though he does wear his "work uniform" (AKA same gross clothes from his closet that are his favorites, which he wears everyday) and I should expect them to be stinky, today I realized that we are just a few squirts of scented lotion away from being one in the same. As I sat in my hot car this afternoon (sweating / glistening like a pig), I looked in the rearview mirror and reality tore through me. In the light of day (sadly far different from the artifical and, might I add, more flattering light of my bathroom), I realized that my upper lip hair and chin hairs were out of control, along with my smudged lipstick line! To top it off, my carefully-concealed adult acne (thank you very much, summer humidity) was beginning to show through my precisely applied foundation and cover up from just hours before. AND the curly up-do that I left the house with? Yeah, totally starting to frizz and flatten in all the wrong places (thank you AGAIN, summer humidity)! Sitting in my sweat (and smelling significantly less fresh than at 8am), I thought back to my nasty husband and realized that, yes, he is pretty gross.... but he manages to love me even when he sees my dripping face, puffy hair, and pimply forehead. So I guess I can forgive him for those crazy back hairs he refuses to attend to, as I hold my breath, pucker up, and let our hairy upper lips meet in a kiss that is a match made in heaven.