Yesterday morning, Molly, (better known as Pansy Dog) came into the computer room where I was sitting to check my email before leaving for work. As usual, she sat by my chair, put her head in my lap, and looked up at me with big, puppy eyes, waiting for her morning affection. I gave her a little lovin', which quickly turned into play time. I cupped her face and moved her head back and forth as she tried to nibble my hands. During her excitement, Molly's tail knocked my black ink cartridge (still in it's box, waiting to go into the printer) off the desk. She turned around with a start and upon seeing the foreign object lying on the floor behind her (proving that my dog truly is OCD... she can't handle being subjected to out-of-place objects in her world), she proceded to bark ferociously at the cartridge. I calmly saved the ink package and put it back on the desk. She eyed it suspiciously but eventually moved on.... or so I thought.
    This afternoon I arrived home from work and found myself at my computer desk again. Molly followed me in, anxious to hunker down for an afternoon nap at my feet. But then she caught a glimpse of the dreaded ink cartridge. She cautiously neared the printer, eyes intense and tail alert. When her nose was about 6 inches from the cartridge box, she began her low, gutteral growl. (Seriousy?) It wasn't until I picked up the box and spent time petting and hugging the ink cartridge that Molly finally realized that the ink is friend and not foe. (But I wouldn't be surprised one bit to find her guarding the door of the computer room tonight, just in case the ink were to try to escape....)

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