After a thoroughly stressful day at work, I had the best of intentions of hitting up my yoga class (for the first time in nearly 3 weeks) for a little unwinding and refocusing. Sadly enough, I (yet again) was about 15 minutes late and decided that I would just head home and do my own yoga class there. It was a great work out and it did manage to relieve some of the stress that I'd been holding in my shoulders all week. I was so relaxed that I actually fell asleep during relaxation pose, soft music playing, lavender-scented rice bag over my eyes.... it wasn't until I felt a wet tongue on my mouth (no, it wasn't my husband) that I woke up and realized I had taken a bit of a cat nap (dog nap, as it turns out). I pulled off my eye mask in time to see Molly, my 80 lb lap dog, standing over top of me. Her ears were flopped forward and the baggy skin on her face all smooshed toward her snout as gravity played it's role while she looked down on me with a smile.
    Just as I was about to greet her with loving, baby-talking words, a giant stream of drool drained out of the right side of her mouth and landed directly in my left eye (my left eye, my left ear, my cheek, and my hair, to be precise). I tried to sit up and wipe the smeary fluid from my eye, but Molly was just so happy that I was getting up (obviously to play with her.... what else could I possibly be doing), that she pummeled into my lap and proceded to lick my face up one side and down the other. Whoever came up with the term Downward Facing Dog obviously did not have a dog.... otherwise they would have realized that dogs and yoga do NOT mix.