It's not like I was TRYING to give my husband food poisoning. It's this darn sinus infection /  allergy combination! After a long, hard day of working in the yard, I figured that my wonderful guy deserved to sit down to a delicious meal. When I opened the freezer to find something to make for him, I noticed an odd, fishy smell. Normally, this is the type of thing that would clue me in to something being spoiled. But since my nose is all kinds of crazy right now, I figured everything was fine... in fact, it gave me the brilliant idea to cook up some perch (purchased for $1.64 at our local grocer... ah, this should've been the second clue...).
    The fish was slightly sticky and a little grayish in parts (clue number 3, anyone?), but it's not like I'm a professional perch-examiner! It's nothing a little creole seasoning can't fix, right? Wrong.... oh so wrong. I put the plate of fish and a beautiful salad in front of my husband... naturally, I ate hours ago, so I wouldn't be supping on the discolored, smelly, sticky, creole concoction with him (once again, I would like to reiterate that I did not TRY to give my husband food poisoning). He took a bite and made a face. Ugh, again? Why can't he just be happy with something that's a little different without analyzing it to death!
    "What's that weird taste?" he asked me. I responded only slightly huffy. "It's creole seasoning... it gives the fish a new spice to switch things up a little. It's good that way." Several bites later, the nasty look has yet to leave my hubby's puckered face. "Honey, I really don't think I like this seasoning. Will you taste it?" If it will get him to knock off his whining and eat his dinner, I'll put the fish on my head and do a dance!
    It only took one small bite before clues 1, 2, and 3, hit me over the head like a sledge hammer. (The nasty taste of rotten fish also helped.) My first instinct was to spit the food back onto his plate... unfortunately, I have not yet learned how to control my impulses. As my partially chewed fish parts layed atop the rest of his dinner, he looked at me with an accusing face. Like I said... I did not TRY to poison my husband! (Despite my threats in previous blogs....)