I had a wonderful weekend out of town with my girlfriend at her shower and bachelorette party, meeting new friends, and spending time with my family. But I have to admit, although I was having a great time, I did miss my guy (especially when he sent me a text telling me that he was in the middle of cleaning the house and washing my bedding!). I was beyond delighted when I arrived home to a straightened house and fresh sheets (perfect for immediately tossing my exhausted body into).
    I even managed to put out of my mind how utterly starving I was after the first day of our new diet (well, almost). Of course, my husband conveniently "forgot" about May 1st (the long-awaited date we had scheduled for my co-workers and our spouses to shed some unwanted winter pounds through a month-long diet). So naturally, he binged like nuts and felt fit as a fiddle, whereas I could feel my stomach trying to eat my spinal cord with each nauseating growl. After the usual "let's eat all that we can before we start dieting" ritual I partook in (a little too aggressively), my chubby belly went into withdrawl after 12 hours on the diet.
    To remedy last night's tummy hunger, however, I made a very filling dinner with all the good stuff we can eat. My husband seemed to think that cooking dinner, preparing lunch for the next day, and cleaning the kitchen were all a ruse.... a mere way to avoid hubby-cuddle-time. He actually went as far as to write out a priority list, numbering all of the things I was putting before him (pretty much everything) including work, our dogs, and shoes. Seriously? We'll see how long he complains if I call off work for the next week, telling my boss, "I'm sorry, I won't be coming in today. I need to get fresh with my husband." And then, when we're collecting food stamps and begging for nickels along Route 68, I'll simply look at him and say, "At least we still have my shoes."