I love to have a clean kitchen. The counters free of clutter, the cupboards nicely organized and contact papered, the stove and cannisters wiped and streak-free.... everything in it's rightful place. That's why I can tell when someone (ahem) has been in my cupboards, created a mess, and then tried to cover it up.
Begin Scene.

    It was 8:30 this morning when I decided to do a quick kitchen clean up before leaving for work. As I was emptying the dishwasher, I noticed that my large cooking pot was on top of my pyrex, instead of in it's place underneath the smaller pots two cupboards over. Hmmm. (This was AFTER I found soggy lettuce attached to the CLEAN spoons in the dishwasher.) Obviously, a boy has been here. I dutifully removed the large pot, ready to place it with the others, when I discovered a mound of toast crumbs all over my bowls and serving dishes!
    Conveniently, my husband walked in at that moment and spotted me squatting down by the pyrex. I looked him square in the eye and asked the question. "Did you try to put the toaster in the cupboard?" He was caught. So he began to spew out excuses in rapid succession. "I was trying to clean the kitchen! And we haven't been eating bread, so I tried to get the toaster off the counter! And..."
    "And then you realized there's a REASON the toaster stays on the counter.... BECAUSE OF THE CRUMBS!!! And THEN you covered the crumbs up WITH A POT instead of cleaning up the mess??? Are you out of your mind?!"
    "Why are you being so mean?"
    "I'm only mean when you're dumb!"
    And so started my day.

End Scene.