It was a great weekend. One of those weekends where it rains incessantly, leaving you no choice but to hole up in bed with your hubby, watching movies, giggling, and enjoying one another's company. Really, this type of weekend is a rare occurrence. Usually our days off are filled with working in the yard (him), cleaning the house (me), laundry, and fixing the trillions of things that always seem to be breaking. But not this weekend. So the house isn't spotless... the grass needs to be mowed... and we didn't fix a thing. When push comes to shove, I'd much rather lie on wrinkled and rumpled sheets with my husband than perfectly creased and folded ones alone.
    Yes, it was a great weekend. Well, up until the time that husband passed on a sinus infection to me. Don't get me wrong, I don't fault him. We both work with snot-nosed, little rugrats day in and day out. We can't help being carriers of illness and infection. (It DOES make me kinda wish I'd cleaned those sheets though....) But at least my guy has been sweet, making me soup, bringing me tea, and telling me that he's going to start his own blog to tell the world that he's a wonderful husband... but then again, you all already know that by now, don't you?