Milo is the first dog that I've owned as an adult. I took in that cute little beagle-hound at 11 months old after hearing that he had been abused by his owner, who had then died and left Milo in a crate for days before the man was found (my social worker's heart extends to abused dogs as well as children). I was so nervous bringing him home for the first time. It was like bringing a newborn home from the hospital. Did I have the right kind of food? Was my apartment dog-proofed? How to I house train him? We were cat people growing up, so I had no idea what to do with this energetic, howling, shedder of a dog. Through the years, this animal has tested my patience more than most.... after peeing on EVERYTHING, pooping whenever I left him home alone, being a terrible listener when I call him, and eating 3 pairs of blinds, flip flops, candles, my black nativity sheep, a door knob, 3 dog crates, 2 leashes, and a block of rat poison (this dog is indestructable!), I realized that it was pure love that has kept this pup in my life.
   That's why I can't stand it when my little guy is in pain. And since he and the neighbor dog have an intense dominance war going on (I don't know, it's something about borders, territories, and such... I didn't finish reading the treaty), it's our job to make sure that they NEVER go near one another. Well, Milo got out. Mac was in the yard. The fight was nasty. My husband had to carry Milo back to the house because Milo suffers from Little-Man Syndrome and kept going after the large Boxer, despite having a wounded ear. So for days now, Milo has been walking around the house with his head tilted to the side, moving it back and forth in an attempt to find some relief from the pain. I know it's not right to laugh (because as I said, I love this pup!), but pop on a pair of sunglasses on him and you've got Stevie Wonderdog. Everytime he went to shake his head, he yelped and went back to the swervy head motion. Thankfully the vet was able to see him today and clean out the gobs of blood that had crusted up in his ear canal... he was apparently a deaf Stevie instead of a blind one. Anyways, the whole event was very supersticious... I mean, Milo is the sunshine of my life, so told him "Don't you worry 'bout a thing, Bubby, because signed, sealed, and delivered, I'm yours."