I'm leaving to go out of town for the weekend and all I've heard from my husband for the last two weeks is a countdown for when I'm leaving. T minus 5 days, T minus 4 days, etc. etc. etc. He says he has big plans to have a blowout party with all of our imaginary friends (his dad and brother) in order to celebrate his masculinity for 2 days. (Frankly, I have a feeling he's gonna be lost without me, calling every few hours (aka meal times) to ask what temperature to set the oven to and how to know when the fish looks "done".)
    So today I had an all-day training, followed by dinner with my work partner, yoga, and tanning, pushing my arrival home back to 9pm. My hubby, who has been anxiously counting down my departure, found himself getting panicky that he wasn't going to get to "spend any time with me" (his words) before I leave. I secretly think he misses me already, but he hasn't been able to find the words to tell me that he has no idea how to survive while I'm away. Afterall, who is going to do the dishes if I'm not here? And as much as the man complains that I talk too much, he's going to literally lose his mind when someone's not there to prattle on and on for that half hour every night.... and I even think, although he would never admit this, that he is going to miss my nagging. Our daily banter is routine, and the boy can't live without things staying the same. Therefore, I've decided to program into my phone text messages that will go off on the hour. These messages will read something like this:  "Put the bread back, it's not on ur diet", "Get those socks off the table", U BETTER sweep that mud up u just tracked in", and "Did u wipe the dogs off the RIGHT way?" But I'll save one for the last day too: "PS I luv u". (Feel free to "awww".)