My man has a new hobby... bread making. This is the man that asked me for step-by-step instructions on how to boil green beans. He has finally mastered the art of tacos and eggs (two ways) and is now trying his hand at bread. This all began one morning before work as we were eating breakfast. He asked me to pick up a loaf of bread because he doesn't like the kind we have. I explained that the price of bread has gone up and I'm refusing to pay $4.75 for a little loaf of the good bread when we can pay $2.50 for a big loaf of the ok stuff. I was convinced that my sound argument would lead to a conversation about reducing our carb intake and how this is, in fact, a good thing for us. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that my husband would pull out the bread maker (I didn't even know he knew what that machine was for). I couldn't deny that he made a valid point when he asked me if flour was cheaper than packaged bread, so he flipped through the recipe book and began pulling ingredients out of the cupboards (of course, he didn't know where any of the ingredients were and he didn't know what some of the bread instructions meant, but he was trying, and far be it for me to discourage someone from pursuing their dreams...).     After the ingredients were correctly measured and added to the bread maker, my husband paused for effect before hitting the Start button. Instantly, the machine groaned to life and began to toss the flour mixture to and fro. My man gave a pleased grunt before saying, "I'm doing it! I'm baking!" I offered my congratulations, stopping just short of patting his head and giving him a lollipop. "I'm a Master Baker!", he exclaimed. Really? One loaf of UNTASTED bread and the man is ready to write to Emeril. Well, as it turns out, the bread rose (as did my husband's ego) and came out beautifully. Now, he keeps reminding me how awesome he is and how he is going to tweak "his recipe" to make an even more superb loaf this weekend. Lord, have mercy... there's not enough room in our kitchen for more bread AND his big head.