It's the little things that my husband does that make me smile on the inside. I was having another long day at work and my cell phone rang. I saw that it was my guy, but I couldn't pick up because I was on a work call in the office. A few hours later when I had a free second to call him back, he said he was just calling. Just to say "hi". Ah, that's the stuff that melts the heart on a day when you need it. (Nevermind that 3 minutes later, he informed me that he was bored talking to me and that he was going to hang up.... but it didn't matter. I had already gotten my smile in so he was free to go and make his jokes.) I think it's just nice to know that someone thought about me through the day and cared enough to make me smile (through the kind thought, or through the joking comments... I'll take whatever I can get!).

P.S. Hi.

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