As a newlywed, people are constantly making comments about how great that first year is... wanting to be with one another every second of every day... missing each other when you're apart.... blech. Honestly, I don't know how normal newlyweds do it! I was lucky to fall in love with someone that requires alone time just as much as I do. But here lies the dilemma. With his work schedule, he gets free time in the house to do whatever he wants on a regular basis, whereas I struggle to have time to do the things that us girls like to do when we're all alone... things that boys would find silly and hold over our heads forever and ever (face masks, foot soaks, eating completely random junk food, naked dancing... the usual).
    Therefore, I don't consider it being mean to tell him to get out. Afterall, it's my house too.... I should be able to do what I need to do without him sneaking up the stairs to catch me being girly, or without him calling to ask me to come help him with something. The problems is, my husband ENJOYS annoying me. It's some sort of twisted pleasure that he receives when he sees my face turning red and my mouth start to open to hurl an insult at him. So this weekend I laid down the law. I said, "Honey, I love you.... but go away." No one else has to understand, no one else has to agree. You can feel sorry for my man all you want. But if you tell me I'm being unreasonable to kick him out for a few hours, I will simply tell you that "I love you.... but go away."

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