There's nothing like coming home from a long, hard day's work and sitting down to check your email, only to find horrifying pictures of half-dead animals, brought to you from your neighborhood humane's society. I honestly don't know why I ever signed up to receive their notifications. It's always about seal extinction, puppy mills, or the slaughtering of something or other. If I didn't know any better, I would swear that they keep track of my facebook posts, choosing to send me depressing notices when I'm at my lowest, in order to get me to donate while I'm feeling vulnerable. Really it just makes me want to strap on a weighted vest and go for a swim, but I always seem to muster up the courage to say "no" to despair.... why I can't find that same courage to delete my name from their mailing list, I'm still not sure. It's sort of like getting those spam text messages that tell you to pass on the text if you agree that you want to stop genocide over in Whatstheplace... well, of course I want to stop genocide, so I send out a stupid text message that has nothing to do with anything. Perhaps I feel that the humane's society will accuse me of agreeing with animal cruelty if I remove my address from their list, and that's just a chance I'm unwilling to take. So if it means that I have to see yet another picture of a pathetic one-eyed creature while Sarah McLaughlin sings in the background, then I guess I'll just have to pull out the tissues and get on with it.