I'm a fat kid, so I understand the excitement of grocery day better than most. There's the thrill of making my list, finding items on sale, sniffing fresh produce.... even better yet is getting all that delicious food home and organizing it into straight lines in the pantry (labels facing out) and sectioning off different types of food in the refridgerator (this IS my fun). But best of all is seeing all that food, organized perfectly, and then choosing what my next meal will be (now that there's more than condiments and crackers to choose from).
    However, my husband doesn't seem to understand my process. As I try to put things away, he's taking things out again (throwing my OCD out of wack in all sorts of ways!). Before I've even had the chance to unload all the bags, he's digging through them, getting in the way, and standing in front of wherever I need to be at that moment. And the worst part is that he even steals my favorite meal-planning time by opening up a bunch of new foods and diving in to eat....despite the fact that I'll be making dinner within the hour! It's like buying a new pair of shoes- beautiful, shiny, never been worn.... and then having a roommate with smelly feet wear them before you've even had the chance to give them a test run. I feel cheated. My relationship with the newly-purchased items was so short lived. Had I known it wasn't going to last, I would've lingered a little bit longer at the store- just a fat kid and her food.