In our house, we have found the forgotten dwarfs that must've missed the cut when trying out for Snow White. Our dwarfs decided to try out for the Garbage Pail Kids instead (flashback circa 1987 anyone?). I like to call them Itchy, Seepy, Pukey, and Poopy. The first two dwarfs belong to me. Apparently this lovely rash cocktail I have consists of severe poison ivy and some random allergic reaction to something unknown at this time (this is the Itchy dwarf). The doctor did a few skin biopsies (talk about nauseating to see a chunk of your flesh go into a labratory tube) and for whatever reason, mine won't stop bleeding! (Hence the Seepy dwarf.) It doesn't help that I'm allergic to bandaids, so my itchy and seepy rash is getting itchier and seepier every minute these bandages have to stay on. My doctor actually called me a "Hot Mess" which I'm pretty sure I've never been called (at least not by someone that isn't a client).
   The last two dwarfs, Pukey and Poopy, belong to my husband. The flu is refusing to leave him (well, lots of things are LEAVING him) and he has been stranded to the couch for the better part of 3 days, unable to eat and keep anything inside. The poor guy has had a rough week, so I've decided to lay off making fun of him for whining. Afterall, he has to put up with Itchy and Seepy... so I guess I'll cut him some slack and hope that our dwarfs find new homes soon.