I'm a new wife. It's been almost 8 months since we've been married, but even though we're relatively new, I know my husband... I know when his "needs" must be addressed. And let's just say that these last few weeks of itchy rashiness and fluish goo have put said needs on the backburner. Especially since I'm still covered in purple marks that are starting to finally crust over (sexy). So today, when my husband offered up a little romance, I knew the man was desperate. However, in the meantime I had received my weekly phone call to do Bible study with a girlfriend from out of state.... my husband did not know this as he came up the stairs very suggestively. I informed him that we would have to post-pone our rendevouz until I was done. What does he do? He pulls the covers back and lays down next to me on the bed... to wait. I don't know how many people have attempted to do Bible study under these circumstances, but it makes things SLIGHTLY AWKWARD! I told him to go away and that I would summon him when I was ready (ha).
Fast forward 30 minutes.
    Bible study was done, husband was ready, wife was settled.... and then wife's phone rings. It was my work partner. I had to answer due to an earlier crisis with one of my families. My husband yelled a resounding "Nooooo!!!" as the second wave of disappointment came over him. Poor fella...he was so close. My partner was laughing over the phone as I told her that he was just upset because we keep trying to have playtime but it's just not working tonight. At hearing this, my hubby frantically reminds me that I need to expound on what "not working tonight" means (something about male pride....). It would figure that tonight of all nights, our entire area loses our electricity due to the wind storm. No lights. No tv. Dead phone batteries. Candles everywhere.... Boy UNinterrupted.