Last night we were discussing past relationships in a joking manner, and my husband asked how old I was when I had my first boyfriend. I informed him that I was hot stuff in Kindergarten and was in a steady relationship from that point until 3rd grade (and we really only ended things because my family moved away, so it was obviously serious and totally going somewhere). After getting over the loss of my first love, I resumed dating in the 7th grade, taking another break until 9th grade, and then finally rejoining Boyfriend Land in college. My husband questioned the big gap in my relationship timeline. "I know, I know.... I'm a loser and didn't date much," I said. He responded, "Hey, isn't that when you had that unibrow?" And ya know what? I had never put two and two together, but he's right! All this time I had been telling myself it's because I was being "picky" about who I dated. It turns out that my eyebrows (or should I say eyebrow) was scaring the boys off! A little wax and a tweezer and I coulda had me a millionaire straight out of the 8th grade. He can make fun of my facial hair all he wants, but let's be honest, without it, he probably never would've landed me in the first place.