Cliff Huxtable, Mike Brady, Charles Engles.... you know the names; you know the men. They are some of televisions all-time best husbands. They greet their wives with kisses in the morning and again at the end of the day. They don't get worked up over little things and roll with the punches, choosing kind words instead of angry annoyance. These men take care of their families, making sure everyone is safe and cared for. Most importantly, these famous men (even if it was fictional) demonstrated true love for their wives and their children through affection, positive problem-solving, and an overabundance of caring gestures. And although not a television star, I know a man that has been rivaling these famous names, especially recently. He is my husband. From little things like parking his truck far away from the house so that my car can get in and out of our muddy driveway easier, to sending me mushy text messages (well, mushy for a boy anyway!), to sweeping behind the couch for me so I don't have to move the furniture. For all these things and more, I love you and appreciate you, Babe. Thank you for being my Cliff, Mike, and Charles :)

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