Yesterday was a VERY long day at work. I was away from home for 13 hours and had warned my husband that he would have to fend for himself for dinner that night. So around 8 o'clock, he calls me and asks if I would like him to make me something to eat (which was very sweet of him). I declined, but found an even bigger surprise when I arrived home. I walked inside and discovered that the house had been straightened and all the dishes had been put away. I was in shock so it took me a moment to realize that my man was no where to be found. It wasn't until I heard a yell from upstairs that I recognized a familiar smell.... smoke. Great, I thought.... he cleaned up the downstairs but set the upstairs on fire.
    I quickly bounded the steps and followed the smell into our bathroom. There I was greeted by my husband, our three dogs, and a beautiful, lavendar-scented bath. I also noticed that most of the candles in our house were scattered around the bathroom as well. The smoke? That was from my husband trying to light the wick-less candles and then discarding the matches into the garbage with disgust. I was filled equally with parts of pure love, giddyness, and amusement (the third part over the fact that he had quite the array of scents going on in that bathroom of ours! Lavendar, lemon drop, strawberry cheesecake, hazelnut coffee...). As I sat soaking in the warm tub, not only did he give me my usual 30 minutes of after-work chat time, but he stayed and sat next to the tub for a full hour to let me unwind from my day and process the craziness of work. It was so romantic... the candles, the steamy water, the handsome man next to me, Molly noisily lapping up half of my bath water.... (It was probably the lavendar that stirred up her food-driven nose. I saw her eyeing several of the candles and I really wouldn't put that past her either!) All in all, I enjoyed my sudsy surprise immensely :)