It's been one of those days where everything seems to go just a little wrong... and then as the day progresses, those little things seem to turn into monster things and those monsters start to turn their ugly, hungry eyes my direction before charging and swallowing me whole. Dramatic? Yes. Do I care? No. From a fight with the spouse (on his birthday, no less), to clients REFUSING to do what they need to do to take care of their children, to sound machines REFUSING to make sound, to the sore throat turning into an all-out phlegmy cough.... I can almost hear "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter playing on repeat as images of my most irritating moments from the day slowly and emotionally flash across a forty-foot American Idol screen. My hope is that tomorrow I will wake up in Philadelphia, put my sneakers on, and run up a mountan of steps while "Eye of the Tiger" thuds in the distance and bystanders cheer my name because they KNOW that it's gonna be an awesome day for me. Of course, they'll probably get my name wrong, as strangers often do, but I won't hold it against them because they'll mean well. Here's to tomorrow and whatever theme song comes my way!