Ah, there is nothing like laying down for a quick "rest" and realizing an hour later that you had taken a nice nap. Even better than that is the realization that you're cuddly and sleepy still AND that there is no reason you can't just go to bed for the whole rest of the night. Wanna know what's WORSE than that? When your husband suggests that he take the dogs outside for a quick puppy play time (in which they all went into the woods) and then he lets them come back into the house because he can't smell that they were all sprayed by a skunk. How? HOW does he not smell that? As my dog came up the stairs my eyes started burning and bile actually rose in my throat, yet he smells nothing! At one point he actually put his nose directly onto Milo's head and reported that Milo smells strongly of something you'd put on pasta. That right there cinches it in my mind that he is NEVER allowed to cook dinner. Ever. Skunk and pasta sauce are absolutely the farthest things in the world from one another.... but this IS from the man that used to work in plumbing and go out on dates with me while still wearing his plumbing boots that had the remains of human feces on them, but he could never smell it (no matter that every person within a 15 foot radius was examining their own shoes for traces of unwanted matter). So, three dog baths later, a house smelling like stink, and me feeling a lot more disheveled and a lot LESS cuddly than before, I bid this day adieu.

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