Lately, we have been trying to do different sorts of activities while enjoying time with one another. Tonight, we decided to give the local Wild Game dinner a try with some gentlemen from church. My first question was "How does one dress for such an event?" Is camo a necessity or will flannel suffice? I'm assuming that all open-toed shoes are out. Is there a requirement to pack some heat at this event? My second question was "Will there be any other women there?" And yes. Yes there was. Surprisingly enough, there were only a few mullets, but I was wise in opting against the open-toes.
    I can honestly say that I DIDN'T expect to watch a full-screen home-video on animals being shot and gutted WHILE I ATE, but at the same time, I had very few expectations at all, since this was my first Wild Game dinner and all. I put on brave face and boldy tried the caribou stew, roast beast, venison kabobs, wild turkey, and roasted grouse. When all was said and done, I think I liked the caribou best of all (I think it helps, too, that I can't actually picture a caribou in my's something like an Elk or a moose, right? Either way, if you can't picture it, you can't picture it being shot either!). There was a pastor that spoke to the large group and trillions of prizes raffled off. Not that we won anything, of course. I'm pretty sure that out of the hundreds of people there, we were possibly the only two that walked away empty-handed after the 40 minute prize winning! But since our buddy won (twice) he gave us a gift card (NOT to a hunting store but to a local cafe). Now we're back home and Pat is pushing out a deer in the bathroom while I try to mentally calm myself from the gore that I observed during our meal.

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