My wifely ratings have been bipolar in their extremes today. I started out thinking I was going to surprise my hubby with a little cuddling this morning (gold star); however, someone (not me) wasn't feeling very cuddly and wanted to go back to sleep (bronze star). Then, when I called home after work today, he told me he was going to lay down and take a nap. I encouraged this action (gold star), but then proceded to call him 20 minutes after he fell asleep, forgetting entirely about his nap (bronze star.... or whatever star is equivalent to a pile of crap). So I figured I'd make it up to him and cook, for the first time ever, one of his favorite meals.... sausage sandwiches (gold star). But not the exact kind he likes, which is hot sausage (silver star) because the hot sausage gives ME the bronze-pile-of-crap-star. However, it was the wonderfully aromatic sweet, garlic sausage (which was on sale... GOLD STAR) covered in marinara and placed on a grilled bun (SUPER gold star). He loved it. Two and a half (MY half... total gold star for sure) sandwiches later, he knocked me back down to a silver star for calling him a dork and telling him to wash his own dishes. (I don't even care that I was demoted, it was totally worth it). But then I proceded to talk his ear off each time he started to read his book. This occured at least 4 times in a few minutes. So I end my day on a bronze star. Who cares, really? Marriage isn't the Olympics or anything, and even if our marriage was the Olympics, it would be the special kind, and we all know they give a prize to anyone that competes, so at least I won't walk away empty handed.