There is truly nothing like a training on Domestic Violence that gets the Birthday spirit rolling. I should've known straight away when my alarm clock went off at 6am that it was going to be such an inspirational and light-hearted day. Perhaps the down-pouring rain helped ligthen my mood some, or maybe it was the video clips of 911 calls that we were exposed to as our trainer pronounced that she was going to "traumatize" us with this training.... I really couldn't have asked for a better day of pure celebration. I must admit, however, that my husband bouncing with delight as I opened my beautifully UNwrapped present (it's not his fault, he's just bad at wrapping), freshly out of the shower without time to even dress was part of the uniqueness of this special day. I was excited to find a beautiful new camera that I can use to capture the festive essence of the day that celebrates my birth (I honestly was really wanting a new camera so this is VERY exciting for me!). And what good would a birthday be without the possiblity of the creek flooding our road and yard again as the leak in our ceiling procedes to drench our plaster wall, making a sticky, gooey paste leading to the outside? Ah, the memories. The truly great parts of the day were spent listening to phone calls and reading messages from friends and family wishing me a blessed day.... along with spending the entirety of a nasty training with two of the funniest girls I know as we made fun of Wow-Brows and discussed the philosophy of Angry Birds. I also enjoyed the cultural aspect of my day as I was donned with a sombrero at El Canelo while Mexican men surrounded me and sang Feliz Cumpleanos with my my hubby, work partner, and her man-friend. Thirty-minus-one isn't turning out to be half-bad afterall. :)