It was another happy Valentine's Day spent with my new husband and, in true husband form, my man went shopping at about 4pm today after realizing that the present I had for him was bought and wrapped days ago, sitting prettily in our bedroom. He arrived home this evening and presents me (excitedly) with a card. I open it to find a picture of King Kong (wearing holiday boxers with hearts on them). Inside the card it reads, "Happy Valentine's Day, from Your Love Monkey". He then reads my card (which I spent time thinking of what he means to me and writing that special message inside), proceding to say, "Wow. You really wrote a lot." (Gee. Thanks.)
    So, he gives me my gift, practically bouncing up and down with giddy anticipation after he tells me that he and his 8-year-old client spent 20 minutes playing with it in the store today (obviously NOT lingerie). I open the (white plastic) bag and inside is a Donald Duck stuffed animal wearing bunny ears. (Apparently, the store had run out of the Valentine's Day Donalds and had already put out the Easter Ducks, which my husband bought without realizing.) When you push the button, Donald dances around and sings a silly "love you" song in a true Donald Duck voice. However, the best part occurs when you pick him up by one of his ears. The little, miniature Donald frantically waves his hands and legs back and forth while yelling (in a duck voice) "Put me down!! Put me down!!" I cracked up hysterically as one dog tried the eat the Duck and another dog puked on the bed.... I'm pretty sure that was an unrelated, purely coincidental event, but it did happen nevertheless. Overall, I do believe the gift was a success:)

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