I was never a Girl Scout growing up, but those cookies have it going on! Me and my hubby, we love our Thin Mints. Every season we purchase a box (or 6) from our friends' daughter to be supportive (and gluttonous). The first season I bought just one box of Thin Mints (I wasn't married, afterall, and it was just me, so I figured that was plenty), only to find that my not-yet-husband ALSO loves Thin Mints and that he is willing to search out my cookie stash and eat my box of deliciousness. So, from that point on, we have always purchased at least a couple boxes of the minty treats. I placed my order and received the cookies yesterday. I came home this evening and discovered that an entire box was gone, empty, eaten! I couldn't believe that they went so quickly and I didn't even get one stinking bite! Therefore, tonight I will take my rightful revenge. That other box of Thin Mints? My dinner. You better believe I can put away that entire box in one sitting, not because I WANT to consume my daily allotment of calories via Thin Mints (ok, I actually DO want to consume my daily allotment of calories via Thin Mints), but it's the principal of revenge. It's just not as sweet (no pun intended) if done halfway. And a very sweet revenge it will be!