We have implemented a new activity in our house. It's called Puppy Play Time. The dogs get so excited when we even say the words (partially because I know they understand fluent English and partially because I jump up and down while talking in baby-talk when I say it). Puppy Play Time consists of both Pat and I going outside together with all 3 dogs (which is usually not allowed because they run off when they're all out together) and we take turns chasing the dogs and having them chase us. They get playing and running and barking like mad. Not only is it incredibly funny to watch them, but it's good exercise running all over the place.
    We decided earlier this winter that PPT (figure it out) is at it's absolute finest when there is fresh, fluffy snow everywhere. So tonight, after getting this completely unpredicted snow storm, we took the dogs out to run amok. And run amok they did. The snow was coming down heavily, landing on my eyelashes as I took off chasing the dogs toward the open field. And THEN I ran face-first into the clothes line. The crazy thing about running into a clothes line is that the metal wire has some give to it.... so you kinda keep going for a while as it digs into your nose and cheek BEFORE you fall backwards. I have to say I laughed as I had tears in my eyes, especially since I was wearing a head lamp and should've seen the wire (did I mention the snowflakes in my eyelashes?). At least the dogs had fun, right?