Although Valentine's Day is officially over, my husband had yet to open his little Valentine's bag from one of his clients. So, today was the day that he dove into the gift and pulled out some heart-shaped erasers, a Transformer Valentine, and one of those paddles with the string and ball connected so you can bounce the ball up and down on the paddle. Strangely, however, the paddle was heart shaped with a long handle attached. Take a moment, if you will, and really get the visual of what this paddle looks like. Two rounded heart shaped bumps with a long handle coming off the other end. Got it? Although slightly obsene, the gift caused both of us to burst into laughter, especially after I broke the ball off trying to play with the paddle! I think the people at Designer International Group, Inc. need to put a bit more thought into their next holiday design plan before mass producing phalic toys for children.
    Speaking of bloody feet, we woke up this morning and I noticed that our window on our front porch was broken. This is the second broken window we've had in 2 months, which is really quite peculiar since we have no idea how this keeps happening.... that is until we saw our neighbor's dog with a protective bag hooked to his front paw, limping clumsily across the yard. Sure enough, Mac saw our dogs through the window and jumped up, slicing the pad on his paw almost the entire way off. Poor Mac. Maybe Designer International Group, Inc. will be able to create something disturbing to cheer him up.

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