My husband has reached enlightenment. The proverbial lightbulb has turned on in his masculine head and I want to acknowledge my pride for all to hear. Today, my hubby came to the realization (all of his own accord!) that I require a nightly "process time" as he calls it. This is the half-hour each night that I return from work and just talk. It's generally about work, stories I heard that day, or simply a change in the weather, but I NEED that time to process my day and unwind. He recognized this evening routine of mine on his own AND realized that his part in this process is to nod his head, give a few mmm-hmmm's, and to just listen. On some level, I don't even know that it matters if he actually hears a word I'm saying, but I apparently need a living soundboard to spew my useless information at before I can move on with my night (obviously a non-living blog is not enough for me!). So, I take this moment now to praise my husband's philosophical discovery into the inner workings of a woman's psyche, a place of understanding where few men have dared to go, and I applaud his willingness to fulfill that connectivity void.... even if he is faking it.

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