I have recently discovered my natural self, and I've decided that it is sooo much grosser than my medicated self. I always thought that birth control was a way to help with all of those female troubles that can occur for some women, and of course a way to prevent pregnancy. Since being married, my husband and had discussed "going off the pill", which we ended up doing. HOWEVER! My body has proven that it had grown rather fond of it's 10-year relationship with those 21 tiny, pink, miracle pills (slightly less fond of those 7 dumb, little white ones), so fond that it has tried to engage an active rebellion against me for pulling the plug on that friendship. I always heard that people lost weight once their hormones re-regulated from going off of birth control. Well, let it be known that this little inner revolt I have going on has caused an ADDITIONAL 9 pounds (which seems rather unfair to gain PRE-pregnancy weight, if you ask me). My skin has also taken on it's own battle against me by developing nasty sores that sometimes ooze all over by face, back, and chest (AKA adult acne, thank you very much... and the kind that DOESN'T go away for weeks!). Apparently my skin and weight management system decided to clue in the rest of my thyroid, telling it to swell up and make it difficult to swallow, creating the lovely choking feeling I had for 3 days earlier this week. And I suppose it goes without saying that I'm tired and slightly weepy (ok, I'm a train wreck) half the time (ok, most the time), making me an utter joy to be around. Possible Future Child, you better be nice to me. Because you're grounded upon arrival if I gain one more pound!